A personal automation solution for you
Discover how the world's most successful 3PLs and retailers use robots to increase their productivity without transforming their warehouse.
Business owners know that automation is difficult. Even a relatively simple project costs several million. And if it comes to robots, the price tag will be even higher. There are not so many professionals who can integrate robots into production processes, and their services are expensive. Robotics remains the destiny, mainly of automobile giants.

Using robots for small and medium-sized businesses is also difficult because, as soon as you deploy your automation solution, you will have to hire highly qualified personnel who will deal with service issues, or you will have to pay third-party integrators for this work.

All this makes automation almost inaccessible to most manufacturers.
So we thought ....
Every company knows how to hire people.
But what if automation can be as simple as hiring a person? And so we decided to create a solution to this problem
WAYBOT - service for renting robots
Whether we are talking about improvements to the warehouse infrastructure, optimization of supply chains, optimization of work with personnel - everywhere there are processes that can be optimized using robots.

We give you the freedom to do what you know best.
Do your business, robots will take care of the rest.
Here are answers to some common questions
How much can WAYBOT improve the efficiency of my warehouse?
By completely eliminating the need to walk between the rows of your warehouse, WAYBOT can save a significant amount of time and help your employees focus on more meaningful work. Improving the efficiency of your business depends on the size of your warehouse and on how you currently manage the execution of orders. In a large, non-automated warehouse, WAYBOT can increase throughput up to 500%.
What kind of warehouse operations can WAYBOT carry out?
Depending on your needs, WAYBOT robots include solutions that can automate a wide range of tasks, including collecting, replenishing, returning and counting cycles.
As a RaaS platform, WAYBOT makes warehouse automation cost-effective and easy. You pay as necessary according to your needs, we do not require any large upfront investments. WAYBOT implements and services robots on your behalf, so you do not need to be an expert on robotics. And you can easily add additional robots during peak periods as needed.
How many robots should I buy in order to start the automation of my warehouse?
There is no minimum. We will simulate your warehouse and work processes to determine exactly how many robots you will need to achieve your goals. You just pay for bandwidth and are sure that you have enough robots to do the job. And the number of robots you need is likely to vary depending on seasonality. We will also calculate this for you. WAYBOT software is always on, no matter how many robots you have.
Do I need to rebuild my warehouse to connect WAYBOT robots to it?
No, you don't have to do anything. We provide a comprehensive automated solution that easily integrates with your existing operations and any existing warehouse management software that you use.
How fast can you deploy your solution in stock?
Our platform can fully deploy in a few days.
Unlike traditional automation solutions, with WAYBOT you will immediately see a positive return on investment.
What if the robot breaks down?
Monitoring and maintenance of robots and the entire software platform are included in your subscription, which makes your experience carefree. In case of any problems, the robotics control system will notify your employees and experts in our Robotics Control Center. Our system is monitored 24/7 for various performance indicators to ensure proper operation. If the robot is to be decommissioned, the backup robot can automatically take over the execution process, and we will replace the main robot
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