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Robots as a Service

Robots as a service is an innovative business model for providing robots for rent to effectively solve your problems.
The work is done by robots, you pay only for the time of use or useful work that they performed.
We create part of the robots ourselves. We get others from third-party vendors.

The main thing is that we solve your problems.

We are interested in increasing your productivity no less than yourself, because we get paid for the result.

Your success is our success.

Therefore, we will make sure that everything works, we will service and repair the robots ourselves, and when the time comes we will update the software and replace the outdated robots with new, more modern and productive ones.

Problems you solve with
using our service:
No need to look for qualified employees and train them
You do not waste time communicating with staff, resolving labor disputes, or negotiating with unions. You do not pay salaries, overtime, sick leave and vacation pay.
Всегда стабильно высокое качество работы
You can always easily scale: add or remove the number of working robots, responding to rising or falling demand. Work in 3 or 4 shifts, and if you understand that this is not enough for you, just order more robots.
Pay only for result

The robots as a service model implies that you do not have fixed costs, but only variables. You become more flexible, and you can also predict your income and always remain in the black.
So what will happen next? let's see ...
Your cooperation with WayBot begins with filling out the contact form on the site
Next, our specialist will contact you, who will refine the request and formulate the terms of reference
We request materials that will help us form a case for using robots at your enterprise. This may be a scheme of premises, zoning, staffing, job descriptions, a map of business processes
We develop a case and a tariff plan, and send them to you for approval
Next, we conclude a service agreement and get to work
We bring, establish and launch
Then all the work is done by our robots
You pay only for the result
Contact us
Let's talk about your problems and show how the WAYBOT solution can help you transform your work.
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